“I have known Kelly Broedlow Dunagan and Jeffrey Lewis since 2007 when we hired them as our litigation team to defend Southern California Cricket Association (SCCA) in Los Angeles. The duo performed an excellent job for the SCCA under tough circumstances, working with cricket ex-patriots during litigation regarding a sport little known in America, and expediently achieving our desired outcome.

I found Kelly and Jeff to be highly dedicated and knowledgeable in their field, assertive with the opponents, and prompt in their responses with superior communication skills, helping us understand the legal intricacies of the challenge at hand. I endorse this team with the highest approval rating.”

Masud Zaidi – President, Southern California Cricket Association

“When we were forced to fight a frivolous appeal after years of litigation, we retained Jeff Lewis to handle the appeal.  Mr. Lewis handled the appeal professionally and successfully defended our interests.  Throughout the experience, Mr. Lewis provided us with top notch service, returned our phone calls and met our every expectation.  We highly recommend Jeff Lewis.”

 James and Shendel Haimes

“I’ve known Kelly for many years and recently retained her to represent me in a contract dispute related to my business in the fashion industry. She was able to quickly comprehend the nature of my business and formulated a clear litigation strategy for the handling of my case. I was very happy with her ability to reach a swift and virtually pain-free resolution of the matter.”

 Trisha Alden

“Jeff Lewis is a responsible and capable attorney.  He understands the law and represents his clients well.”

Robert Ekstrom

“Time and again, Jeff has proven to be an exceptional advocate with a brilliant, “three-dimensional” legal mind. Jeff approaches legal challenges from a forest and a trees perspective, i.e., he thinks big and small picture simultaneously, thereby dealing with the immediate and future equally well. Jeff’s advocacy skills are second to none and his respect for his clients and their needs sets him apart from the crowd. Whether Jeff is involved in trial or appellate work, he is top notch. If I had to refer a client of mine to another attorney for some reason, that attorney would be Jeff Lewis.”

Tom Vogele

“Jeff is the first attorney I turn to when I have a land-use or other similiar question. He is razor-sharp in his analysis, quick in his response and always rock solid with the basis of his opinions.”

Brian Campbell

“I’ve known Jeff for many years and have had several opportunities to work with him, for the most part jointly on matters that required both his and my skills. I am not a civil litigator like Jeff is (I’m a tax lawyer), so I’ve not had the misfortune to be on the other side of any table from him. I am grateful for that as not only is Jeff a capable and conscientious advisor, his dedication to his clients and his knowledge of the law would make him a formidable opponent indeed.  I am therefore only too glad to endorse Jeff Lewis. I know that if I needed someone in the courtroom, I’d do quite well having him on my side.”

Robert Morrow

“Jeff is an exceptional attorney with deep understanding of his field. He is well rounded in many facets of law, which gives him a more sophisticated and comprehensive approach to any issue. I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone looking for an attorney. He is knowledgeable, fair, holds high values and is just a wonderful individual to work with.”

Amy Sulahian

 These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter