We love to win and attribute our success to our work ethic, strength in oral and written advocacy and our thoughtful and strategic approach to the litigation matters we handle.

Broedlow Lewis LLP is committed to protecting and defending our clients and their businesses.  We communicate frequently and honestly with our clients about their matters and tailor our strategies to meet their business needs.  Our goal is to achieve the best resolution for our clients whether that resolution takes the form of a pre-litigation settlement, jury verdict or appellate decision.  We also appreciate the high cost of litigation. Our fair and reasonable rates enable our clients to achieve the results they want.

Counseling clients is also a large component of our practice.  From contracting and business operations to litigation prevention, it is our goal to help our clients feel confident that they are making legally and fiscally sound business decisions.


  • "I found Kelly and Jeff to be highly dedicated and knowledgeable in their field, assertive with the opponents, and prompt in their responses with superior communication skills, helping us understand the legal intricacies of the challenge at hand. I endorse this team with the highest approval rating."

    - Masud Zaidi - President, Southern California Cricket Association

  • {decisions}

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